Postpartum Fitness

Everything changes after we have a baby: our schedules, our sleep routines, and yes, our bodies are quite different, too.

Fitness after having a baby (or two, or three…) can be hard to recapture. Britt is there to help you find the strength, power, and fitness you need to recover from pregnancy and childbirth. To be the energetic parent/partner/woman you want to be.  Britt offers private, individualized programs for postpartum women.  These one-on-one sessions cater to your specific needs, fitness level, and goals.  Contact Britt if you’d like to start reclaiming your pre-pregnancy fitness now!

Did you know that members of the Better Beginnings program may be eligible for $150 in free prenatal and post-partum fitness classes?  It’s a free program, so link to their website to see if you qualify to take this class for FREE!  Click here to learn more.

Allison Levin of Berlin regained her fitness with Britt:

“Britt has helped me to regain my pre-pregnancy fitness level after two pregnancies through her detailed knowlege of diastasis recti separation and strategies for targeting the core for postpartum women.”

Rebeca Copans of Montpelier likes the unique perspective of the class:

“I love being in an encouraging class that is mindful of a postpartum body.  [It is] so much different than many other fitness classes.” 

Ashleigh Bergstrom likes connecting with other moms and feeling stronger:

“It is wonderful to spend my Sunday mornings with like-minded women.  I love feeling stronger and I’m inspired to exercise more.  My core feels much stronger and my back hurts less!  I am also now aware of how to heal and rebuild (my abdominals) after having giant babies.”



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