Postural Analysis

Maximize mobility and correct postural problems that have been keeping you from optimal performance. Britt helps you identify weaknesses and postural and muscular imbalances, then develops a targeted exercise plan to help you improve posture, prevent injury, and bring your body into its best position.  Britt begins all Personalized Fitness sessions with a complete postural analysis.  For more information or to schedule your postural analysis, contact Britt today!
Britt has helped people deepen their understanding of their own posture and the positive impact that correct posture can have on overall well-being:

“Britt has such a solid understanding of muscles, bones, fascia, tendons, and joints! I feel confident that she is knowledgeable when describing proper form and alignment, to get the most benefit and prevent injury. She is adept at explaining how the muscles are working in various poses – her commentary is very helpful to me in integrating the mind-body connection.” – Maggie Thompson, Middlesex

“Since working with Britt, my back pain has decreased to almost negligible levels. Activities that used to strain my back are no longer a big issue. My posture has improved tremendously and my range of motion has increased substantially.” – H.O., Burlington

“Britt has helped me achieve weight loss of over 52 lbs, muscular strength, postural improvements, and confidence. I have strength, reduced back pain, and postural awareness I didn’t think was possible before training with Britt. Working one-on-one with her and taking her Zumba classes has created muscle tone and brought skin tightening.” – Lindsay Staples, Middlesex

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