Personalized Fitness Training

For busy people looking for fitness geared precisely to them. Britt will help you create fitness goals, then, using inspiration from Pilates, CrossFit, Ballet, Yoga, Boot Camp and other types of exercise, she’ll challenge your body in just the right way to help you surpass those goals to be the fittest you can be! Call or email Britt to schedule your first Personalized Fitness session, today!

Here’s what clients are saying about Britt:

“I always feel so energized after even the hardest class. I never dread going to a workout and have found myself looking forward to new offerings with anticipation. She is always organized and prepared for a productive and relevant session. Britt has a phenomenal way of being motivational and helping me achieve things I didn’t even know I could. She does this through excellent communication and exceptional skill demonstration.” – Lindsay Staples, Middlesex

“Britt’s style is upbeat, precise and fun. You do not get a drill instructor asking you to push beyond your limits. You also don’t get coddled. You get a challenging workout, tailored to your abilities, which do increase over time…and not that long of a time!” – H.O., Burlington

“Britt is punctual, professional, and knows her stuff!  She is absolutely adaptable to my needs.  Her intuitive and scientific assessment of what I need is great.  She is always paying attention to make sure I am safe and working with my body correctly.   This allows me to totally trust her and try things that may be new to me.” – B.R., Barre


One-on-one Individual Training: $65/hour*

Duet (two people) Training: $45 each/hour*

Trio (three people) Training: $30 each/hour*

*Discounts for clients meeting weekly:

Clients meeting once per week receive 5% off the hourly rate when they pay for the month.  Clients meeting twice per week receive 10% off the hourly rate when they pay for the month.  Payment is made at the beginning of the month for the month to come.  Cancellation policy: credit can be given for future training if 24 hours notice is given in writing before canceling a private session.  Credits must be used within 30 days.  If less than 24 hours notice is given, clients will be charged for the full session missed.


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