New Totalbarre classes start soon!

First off, thank you for the many supportive emails, texts, and hugs after my last, very personal post. It is encouraging to know that my circle, my village, is farther reaching than I often think it is. You all made it wonderfully clear that whatever our struggle, we are in this together!


And speaking of being together, let’s gather again and work out! My summer of studying and vacation is winding down and I’ll return to teaching Totalbarre on Tuesday, September 5th. I want to see you again!


I’ll be teaching two Totalbarre classes each week at The Confluence in Berlin, one on Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm (note the new time!) and one on Friday evenings at 4:45pm. Each class is an hour long and will be different each time you walk in the studio, with new challenges to keep your muscles guessing and your mind engaged. If you’re new to my blog (welcome!) and to Totalbarre, check out the class description here.


As always, my aim is to keep the tunes motivating you through the toughest points in class (did anyone say Quad Quaker?), so I’m crafting a couple new play lists that will include everything from Afro-Cuban rhythms to Amy Winehouse to Daft Punk. I am currently taking requests, so be sure to comment below or contact me with favorite tunes so you can hear YOUR jam in class.


All Totalbarre classes will be ongoing. In other words, I will not be running “sessions” where you sign up for 6 or 8 weeks at a time. In each individual class, all spots at the bar are open to anyone (members, non-members, drop-ins), so I recommend you reserve your place in class in advance. Drop-ins are welcome if there is space in class. You can sign up now in Zen planner here.


Can’t wait to see you all in class next month! Until then, take care.