New Totalbarre Classes & A Workshop for Coaches

New Totalbarre classes starting in November! Register now here in the Seminars & Series section of the site!

I am launching three new Totalbarre classes next month on Tuesdays at 6:15pm, Fridays at 4:45pm, and Saturdays at 8am.  Each class will be a six class series, running from the first week in November through mid December, with no classes over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  Don’t wait to register!  A minimum of 5 participants are needed in each of these classes to have them run, so sign up now and start talking it up to your co-workers and friends.  You can pay for the series using your existing Confluence membership or punch card, or new folks can pay just for the series.  Drop-ins will be available only after we meet the minimum enrollment for each class.

New to Totalbarre? Click here to find out more about the class.


I’m pleased to announce a brand new workshop just for coaches, personal trainers and fitness teachers!

Training without Harm:

Making Fitness Safer for Prenatal and Postpartum Clients

If you’ve been following my blog you know I am a CrossFit Level One trainer whose specialty is women’s fitness, specifically working with prenatal and postpartum clients.   I know how to make CrossFit, Pilates, or any exercise program safer for prenatal and postpartum women. I teach women how to modify movements and exercises to minimize risk of injury and increase their readiness to return to fitness after having a baby. Given my location in a sparsely populated area, I can only reach a few hundred clients a year. So, I’ve decided to spread this important skill to other trainers in the US, starting with Vermont, New Hampshire and New York by giving a workshop just for fitness trainers.

I want all trainers to understand how to help prenatal and postpartum clients safely modify movement as they progress through these perinatal phases. When you are pregnant or have had a baby, I want your trainers to be confident and informed about exactly how to modify movement for you. To this end, I have developed a workshop that teaches trainers what they need to know to keep perinatal women safe. I’m happy to announce this workshop is happening next month.


Training without Harm:

Making Fitness Safer for Prenatal and Postpartum Clients

Saturday, November 12th


at Green Mountain CrossFit in Berlin, VT



In this hands-on workshop, coaches will learn:

  • What risks are involved in training prenatal and postpartum women without modifications
  • What movement patterns are contraindicated for prenatal and postpartum women and why
  • How to modify common CrossFit & fitness movements to make them safer for prenatal and postpartum clients
  • What diastasis recti is, how it occurs, and how it heals
  • Other exercises that prevent the diastasis recti from worsening

I have given this workshop to coaches at Green Mountain CrossFit in Berlin, VT.   They found the workshop enlightening and the handouts valuable for returning to their classes armed with safer versions of their favorite exercises. I’m excited to spread this information far and wide. You should encourage your coaches, trainers, and fitness teachers to attend! Contact me for more information or to enroll.