If I build it, will you come?

Did I ever tell you about the time my abs left me? Vanished. Without a trace. Didn’t even leave a note. Man, that was a rough time.


It was 11 years ago and I was pregnant for the first time. My abs were so weak at the end of those 9 months, I could barely stand or walk for very long before the weight of the baby forced me to sit down. After the second trimester, even other pregnant friends would leave me in the dust walking through the maternity section of Old Navy. I needed to wear a support belt under my belly for the last two months of my pregnancy or hold both of my hands under the lowest part and pull upward to take the weight off of my back. My abs were gone. Sayonara.


After the birth, I had the worst back pain of my life just trying to keep up with the amount of holding a newborn requires. (I hadn’t yet learned the postpartum exercises I know now!)  I had a couple weeks of help with grandparents flying in from faraway places, but primarily I was alone most of the time caring for my daughter, who cried every time I put her down. My burning back was shot, my abs seemed non-existent, and I was doing the daily zombie walk through life, showering only occasionally, exercising never, and barely sleeping. No time or energy was left for ab hunting during those first few postpartum months.

My daughter and I three months postpartum

My daughter and I three months postpartum on our back porch – I’m looking surprisingly alert!


My good friend, Erin, had a baby a year before my daughter was born, and once a week I would drive an hour to her house to hang out for the day with our little ones. We often kept each other company through the lonely and lovely times raising our babies. And she, then over a year postpartum, had started to exercise again. We had both danced and done Pilates before our pregnancies, sometimes together despite the distance. She asked one day when I was at her house, “Have you ever tried a reformer class?” Nope, I hadn’t. But my back pain was so constant I decided to book a bunch of private classes, some with Erin, some solo, and would bring the baby (then about 5 months old) along. Let me tell you, those reformer classes were a godsend.  The panacea to my lost abdominal connection. The classes were so hard, I’m not going to lie. But I was finally able to have my brain connect to my core muscles again on that reformer with the help of an awesome trainer. I was grateful, I was stronger each time, I wasn’t in pain any more, and I was hooked.


Let’s fast-forward 11 years. After dabbling in reformer classes for all these years, I continue to love what the added resistance of being on the reformer carriage does for my muscles. Mat Pilates is fantastic for the core, but cannot deliver the power, strength, and stability in the pelvis, hips, legs, arms, and shoulders that reformer Pilates can. The resistance of the springs, putting legs and arms in the loops, and finding range of motion while keeping the carriage still are all reasons I love working on the reformer. Sometimes there is just no equal on the mat or anywhere else. And, making modifications for elbow pain, diastasis recti, and arthritis or any other condition is easy. Just as I do in barre or CrossFit or any of my other classes, I am able to get creative and use this equipment in a way that is safe for my body.


And I want to do that for you, too.


To that end, I’ve been saving my pennies. So many pennies! And I’d like to make the leap toward adding my very own Stott Pilates V2 Max Plus reformer to my little studio office. The V2 Max Plus is an amazingly versatile piece of equipment that will be the perfect compliment to the personalized and postpartum fitness training that I offer currently. It is both a Pilates reformer and Cadillac in one. I’m thrilled to pieces to begin taking your programming to the next level or starting you off on the right foot. But first, I need to know if there is enough interest from you to make the investment worthwhile.


My questions to you are these:

  • Are you interested in enhancing your private sessions with me using the Reformer and Cadillac? (check the links above if you need examples of what each looks like)
  • Have you learned the basics of mat Pilates and want more challenges?
  • Are you curious how this tool can make you stronger, better balanced, and more fit?
  • Are you willing to take a leap of faith and pre-buy classes so that I can obtain this piece of equipment?

I hope you are answering “YES!” to some of these questions!


I would like to offer special discounts to those of you interested in future classes.  These discounts are only be available to those who can commit prior to my purchase, and will not extend beyond that.  With enough commitment in advance, I can make this equipment available to you in our private sessions this summer!


5 Personalized fitness classes with reformer work for $270 (10% off current pricing)

10 Personalized fitness classes with reformer work for $510 (15% off current pricing)

15 Personalized fitness classes with reformer work for $720 (20% off current pricing)

20 Personalized fitness classes with reformer work for $900 (25% off current pricing)

25 Personalized fitness classes with reformer work for $1,050 (30% off current pricing)


**Special two-person duet session packages are also available.**  **Packages are available as gifts to treat your mother, daughter, spouse, friend or special someone.** **Class packages cannot be split or shared.**


Please contact me directly by July 8th if you would like to purchase a class package. Thank you for your feedback and for your business. I can’t wait to work with you (again), possibly on this great new reformer!


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  • Deb Glottmann

    Hey Britt. I will come. I would like to purchase the 25 classes. I missed you a lot this week I was sold before but now I am sealed and delivered!

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