Hear it from Britt’s students! Britt’s clients book her classes weeks in advance because of her upbeat attitude, excellent body knowledge and the broad variety of styles and techniques that she draws from.

Allison Levin of Berlin regained her fitness with Britt:

“Britt has helped me to regain my pre-pregnancy fitness level after two pregnancies through her detailed knowlege of diastasis recti seperation and strategies for targeting the core for post-partum women. Britt’s pilates classes are a regular part of my weekly fitness routine to ensure continued postural and core strength.” – Allison Levin, Berlin

Emily Gatewood of Marshfield says:

“Britt’s teaching style is one that exudes calm, confidence and profound caring. I love going to her classes because I know I will always come away with a deeper understanding of Pilates, among other techniques, and get a great full body workout. When my lower back is feeling achy, there is no better relief for me than her Pilates class. I also have gotten so much stronger in my glutes and hips.”

M.D. is a fan of Britt’s shining personality:

“Britt is encouraging and provides sound instruction. I appreciate that her style of teaching is precise and easy to follow. She takes pride in teaching her students correct form. Britt’s greatest strength as an instructor is her personality. She is approachable, fun, and real. She is informative, hands –on, and inspiring. Britt’s Zumba and Pilates classes have helped me lose unwanted pounds, gain confidence in my body, helped my mental health, and achieve overall strength.”

Maggie Thompson of Middlesex appreciates the variety that you can get in just one of Britt’s Pilates classes:

“I know in Britt’s Pilates classes I can count on getting a good workout. I enjoy the variety of exercises from week to week – it’s never same-old, same-old. There is always something new, something challenging, something invigorating. Britt’s teaching style is dynamic, informative, fun and respectful of individual differences. She incorporates adaptations of exercises when needed, to match the various levels of participants. She welcomes questions and feedback and has an approachable rapport. She cheers us on – is encouraging and positive of our efforts and successes.”