Thinking of joining me?  Never rowed before?  No problem.  There is no previous experience required.  In fact, ANYONE CAN ROW – young or old, tall or not tall, everyone can row!

Each rowing workout is constantly varied, with a thoughtful structure that uses rowing to challenge the body to make improvements in our valuable skills of fitness: power, strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility, coordination and speed.  The goal behind each workout is to provide an avenue to test your skill, make measurable progress and excel in ways that translate to your everyday life.  I am trained to help you improve your rowing mechanics and power on the Concept2 Rowing Machine.  I will find places in your movement where you can gain strength, connection, and coordination.  Through drills, skill work and practice, you will become more successful with producing power on this machine.  Clients often find an increase in overall core strength, stamina and endurance as a product of your rowing training.