Boot Camp

Give me an hour of your day and I’ll make it worth your while! This 6 week series is designed to take ANYONE from their baseline fitness level and propel them forward in strength, cardiovascular fitness, mobility, body composition and more. Our 12 classes will each be unique, engaging, hard work and fun. Movements will be functional (no trendy gimmicks – just real-life stuff like lifting, throwing, squatting, jumping, etc.) and focus on core strength and conditioning. Each workout will have many methods of customization available.

Classes starts with a short “chalk talk” on topics like nutrition, recovery, goal setting, self-care, progress tracking among others.

Following that conversation we will use yoga, pilates, PT and other movement prep strategies to work on mobility, flexibility and stability within our joints. Those will problem areas or past injuries will be assigned “homework” to help improve their soft tissue issues.

Movement instruction will be led by me and another CrossFit certified professional trainers who have dedicated their careers to helping people move better. Each class covers a different selection of exercises leaving you with a huge library of options to use on your own or to continue to refine is subsequent classes.

Workouts will be balanced, thoughtfully designed efforts ranging from long, endurance-focused work to shorter strength and stamina-focused work. Everything is done at YOUR speed and nobody gets left behind.

Classes will finish with a short cool down with some final thoughts from your coach to get your body’s recovery started and properly fuel your your next workout.

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