Fit Mama Monday

Everything changes after we have a baby: our priorities, our schedules, our sleep routines, and yes, our bodies are quite different, too.

Healthy mama, healthy baby!

Fitness after having a baby (or two, or three…) can be hard to recapture. I remember the feeling of disconnection between my brain and my abdominal muscles after my first baby. It was so hard to find them again and get them working! That struggle toward strength after having babies is what led me to do what I feel so passionate about today.


In my studio I guide postpartum women to find the strength, power, and fitness they need to recover from pregnancy and childbirth. To be the energetic parent/partner/woman they want to be. When my clients leave the studio, I want them, you, to have even more resources to draw from for inspiration and motivation. And I want every woman to know:


You can be strong again, especially in your core.  You can even get stronger than you were before your baby.

You don’t have to be afraid of sneezing, jumping, or running. I can help you do these things again with confidence (and less urgency to run to the restroom).

You deserve to be powerful, energetic, and pain-free.

You are not alone. And it’s not too late.


So, over the next year, I’ll be dedicating a weekly post to fitness for moms. Fit Mama Monday will include information for women whose babies are still in arms and for moms of school age children and teens alike. I’ll be tackling topics I find interesting and useful, and I encourage you to comment letting me know what topics you’d like to see me post.  I can’t wait to share information on safe postpartum movement, working out with your family, fitting it all in, nutrition, and more!  So tell me, what do you think my first posts should be about?