Fit Mama Monday – It’s Spring. Let’s Get Outside!

Because I have been training outside through the winter, these sunny spring days are a sweet reward after the cold and ice of the last 4 months.  Vermont spring mornings and late afternoons are cooler, but not chilly, and the spring greens emerging on the hills and underfoot are energizing.  Even the occasional unexpected snake puts a spring in my step, or maybe even a leap.  As the trails in my nearby woodland park dry up, I’ve been incorporating a couple of miles of trail running into each training session to start conditioning my feet, ankles, and legs for the long trail race in August.  The trails are cushy on all my joints and the shade of the woods feels soothing on midday runs.  I’m slower and more winded on these steep uphills and rocky downhills, and the terrain wears me out faster than the road, but with hiking season a blink away, I persist.  I thank goodness for CrossFit and run + barre, as both are conditioning me for the fast climbs ahead and the races on the calendar.



This spring has brought me into the lives of new clients, too, and I’m eager to get them outside as often as possible.  Friday one client asked for a workout she could do outside with her kids.  Yes!  That was fun to put together.  Hula hoops, sidewalk chalk, a grassy lawn, and a willingness to act young are all that were needed for this one.  Here is a 15-minute excerpt of her outdoor training:

Tabata Animal Play

Tabata 1: Alternate between Crab crawl/Hopping on one leg (change leg each time a new segment begins)

Rest one minute

Tabata 2: Alternate between Bear Crawl/Frog Leaps

Rest one minute

Play Tag for 5 minutes

Tabata training is a type of interval training that follows a specific format: 20 seconds of a high intensity exercise (e.g., sprints) followed by10 seconds of rest.  This is repeated 8 times for a total of 4 minutes of work.  For this workout, the intensity is taken down a bit by alternating between two different exercises in the tabatas, which allows muscles to rest by doing something else.  Playing tag is just for fun, but is terrific cardiopulmonary conditioning.  What type of activities are you doing with your kids?


This spring also marked the launch of a new workshop for postpartum moms called Your Belly After Baby.  YBAB gives moms information about posture, anatomy of the core and pelvic floor, and diastasis recti, including what exercises to start to begin safely rehabbing the abdominals.  I gave this workshop in a new location, Green Mountain CrossFit North, in Morrisville.  We threw open all the doors and enjoyed the warm breezes while learning how to regain our center.  I will be offering this workshop again in the fall and can offer followup workshops to advance training and strength to those who have already taken the first class.  Please contact me if you would like to be on a waitlist for this workshop.

Explaining how the connective tissue between the recti muscles stretches and thins

Here I am explaining how the connective tissue between the recti muscles stretches and thins


My great Morrisville mamas!


I’d love to hear from you about what you’re doing now that spring has finally emerged.  What are your favorite ways to move in the nicer weather?