Fit Mama Discount for 2016

Welcome to 2016!



To celebrate the fresh start a new year brings, I’m offering all you Fit Monday Mamas a discount! Contact me this month and receive $20.16 off a package of one-on-one postpartum fitness sessions. These six sessions are regularly $180, but this month I’m offering them for $159.84.  That’s 44% off my hourly rate!

In these six sessions I will measure you for diastasis recti, teach you the exercises that close the diastasis and flatten the stomach, and show you which movements are unsafe and how to modify them to make them safer. Each time we meet I will increase the intensity and duration of your program to keep improving your abdominal strength. I customize each session to match your progress as you work toward your postpartum fitness goals.  No only do we address the abs, but we also pay attention to the hips, thighs, back and arms, too.  Nothing is missed in these sessions, aimed at making you the strongest mama you can be.

Don’t put off your goals of a fitter body and mind any longer. This discount will be available only until January 31st, so contact me now to jumpstart your fitness program. I can’t wait to help you be a fitter mama!

**And as an added bonus, if you enroll AND refer a friend who also enrolls, you will receive an additional referral discount!**