The Importance of Community

Recently I taught my one of my barre classes in which two women were new to class.  When class was over, one of them shared something that I believe really will resonate with many of you.  This woman, like many of us, found it difficult to return to exercise after a long hiatus.  She told me that she drove to the studio that morning, but sat in her car for a long while.  She felt unable to move from her car to inside the building.  She had to talk herself into coming inside, to search deep within for the courage to change her life for the better.


Those conversations we have with ourselves are difficult ones.  Shame, desire, fear, and judgment cloud our mind and get in the way of the choices we know will make our lives better. It takes tremendous courage to change the negative self-talk that can inhabit our minds.  And it takes terrier-like tenacity to keep the no-so-healthy mantras from re-entering our brains once we make that first little shift.


I’m so glad she found the motivation to enter the studio that morning. Not only am I happy that she was able to blaze a new path on her journey toward good health, but proud that she was able to experience the support the other members of class offered her.  In barre class particularly, there is an incredibly supportive community of like-minded people striving to become stronger, more balanced, more whole.  It’s this group that gives the class life and keeps us accountable for coming back.  They make class  about more than just exercise – it becomes about the friendships, the shared struggles, and the sense of achievement after finishing a hard workout.


If you’ve been trying to talk yourself into coming to a class, starting a new fitness journey, or trying something outside your comfort level, now’s the time.  Cast your negative thoughts aside.  Whether you join in on barre class, start a weekly walk, dig a new garden, or set a goal to run a 5k, think positive and consider joining in with others who can support and motivate you.  You don’t have to go it alone; we’re all in this together!    See you in the studio.Barre



One thought on “The Importance of Community

  • Islene Runningdeer

    Thank you Britt for these encouraging and thoughtful comments. I have been thinking about, but not acting on, returning to an exercise class of some kind. Thinking along the lines of yoga or stretching. But your barre class is a little like putting those two together. I’ll check out the studio schedule and hopefully will show up sometime soon.


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