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Fit Mama Monday – It’s Spring. Let’s Get Outside!

Because I have been training outside through the winter, these sunny spring days are a sweet reward after the cold and ice of the last 4 months.  Vermont spring mornings and late afternoons are cooler, but not chilly, and the spring greens emerging on the hills and underfoot are energizing.  Even the occasional unexpected snake puts a spring […]

Are you IN or are you OUT?

  Happy Friday, everyone! If you’re receiving this blog post/newsletter via e-mail, either: You have taken fitness classes with me; You’ve expressed an interest in keeping up-to-date with Britt Richardson Fitness; or You may be interested in fitness, diastasis recti and other postpartum topics, Pilates, ballet barre classes, nutrition, posture, running, and the like.   […]

Fit Mama Monday – How I Got Ready For The Holidays…the KonMari Way

How I Got Ready For The Holidays…the KonMari Way12 piles to sort through (mine, his, the boy’s, the girl’s…) 11 hours of joy (wait – does this apron really spark joy?) 10 trips to the attic (cardio – check!) 9 plastic tubs (so we can see what we store) 8 loads of laundry (give it […]