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Customized Nutrition & a Whole 30 Dinner

No too long ago the great folks over at Green Mountain CrossFit asked me to develop a nutrition program for their members. CrossFit gyms, more than other health clubs and studios I’ve been associated with, foster not only health through the hour of movement you do at the gym each visit, but also in the […]

Breakfast On-The-Go Made Easy

When it comes to getting everyone where they need to be in the morning, there’s no such thing as a leisurely, sit-down breakfast.  Still, I want everyone to be properly nourished when they arrive at school or work, so I’ve searched for ways to get protein, carbs, and healthy fats into one, take-it-with-you, quick meal. […]

Spring Cleaning: Cleansing from the Inside Out

  Welcome to Fit Mama Monday on the blog! It’s Time for Spring Cleaning! Today I embark a month-long nutritional cleanse called Clean Up! with Green Mountain Crossfit. With all the cleanses out there to choose from, finding one that suits you can be confusing: some are extreme, some are simply expensive powdered diets, and some would have […]

Are you IN or are you OUT?

  Happy Friday, everyone! If you’re receiving this blog post/newsletter via e-mail, either: You have taken fitness classes with me; You’ve expressed an interest in keeping up-to-date with Britt Richardson Fitness; or You may be interested in fitness, diastasis recti and other postpartum topics, Pilates, ballet barre classes, nutrition, posture, running, and the like.   […]

Fit Mama Monday – How I Got Ready For The Holidays…the KonMari Way

How I Got Ready For The Holidays…the KonMari Way12 piles to sort through (mine, his, the boy’s, the girl’s…) 11 hours of joy (wait – does this apron really spark joy?) 10 trips to the attic (cardio – check!) 9 plastic tubs (so we can see what we store) 8 loads of laundry (give it […]

Fit Mama Monday: Another Clean Holiday Menu

T-minus 10 days until Thanksgiving!  Here are some more clean, delicious holiday meal ideas with links to the recipes.   Balsamic Duck Breasts Roasted Squash Harvest Slaw Sautéed Spinach with Pine Nuts Pumpkin Coconut Custard Cups    

Nutritional Clean Up Recipes

Happy Friday, everyone! Fridays are usually the day I do my menu planning and grocery shopping.  With many of you enrolled in the Clean Up with Green Mountain CrossFit nutritional cleanse program, I thought I would share my menu plans and a few of the recipes for the coming week.  Here I included the details for one […]