Biggest Giveaway of the Year!

With 2017 right around the corner, many of you are already thinking about your fitness plans for the New Year. Me, too! I’ve been busy brainstorming and planning some incredible stuff for the upcoming year. In my next blog post, I’ll have two big announcements for expanding my business in very exciting ways, so look for them in the next week or so. In the meantime, the start of a new session for Totalbarre and Boot Camp is just about here. Plus, I have a giveaway for new clients this week and a massive discount for current clients. Read on!


Fitness classes at The Confluence in Berlin:

Totalbarre will take a couple weeks off for the holidays, so this week’s classes will be the last ones of this session. The January/February session begins on January 3rd. Tuesday and Saturday’s classes SOLD OUT last session, so if you’re interested and ready to commit to the series (January and February), please contact me now so that I can secure your spot at the barre. A minimum of six participants is needed in each class, and any spaces in class that remain after January 3rd will be open to drop-ins. Classes will 5 participants or less will not run.

Here’s the schedule:


Tuesdays at 6:15pm from January 3rd to February 21st

Fridays at 4:45pm from January 6th to February 24th

Saturdays at 8:00am from January February 25th with NO CLASS ON February 11th


I will be running a very special, one-time Totalbarre demo class at Green Mountain CrossFit North in Morrisville on Saturday, January 7th at 10:30am.  Contact me if you’re interested in seeing what Totalbarre is all about.  Space is limited.


Rowing is ongoing on Wednesdays at 4:45pm and is a terrific class for everybody! It is a low impact, high results workout that is easy on the joints. Drop-ins welcome. Sign up here.


Another 6-week Boot Camp series starts January 9th! I’m partnering up again with my favorite fellow CrossFit instructor Cady Hart-Petterssen on Mondays and Wednesdays for a 6-week series, 12 classes in all. Guaranteed to take ANYONE from their baseline fitness level and propel you forward in strength, cardiovascular fitness, mobility, body composition and more. Movements will be functional (real-life stuff like lifting, throwing, squatting, jumping, etc.) and focus on core strength and conditioning. Each workout will have many methods of customization available. Topics like nutrition, recovery, goal setting, self-care, and progress tracking among others will be covered. You can expect us to use yoga, Pilates, PT and other movement prep strategies to work on mobility, flexibility, and stability within our joints. Those with problem areas or past injuries will be assigned “homework” to help improve their soft tissue issues. Workouts are balanced, thoughtfully designed efforts ranging from long, endurance-focused work to shorter strength and stamina-focused work. Everything is done at YOUR speed and we work together, so nobody gets left behind. Click here for more details.


Special Discounts!

For all my 2016 1-on-1 clients, I am offering an incredible discount on personal training bundles. If we worked together this year, I want to thank and reward you with the gift of free training for 2017. Until December 31st, all session bundles are 20.16% off my 2016 prices. In January, my personal training rates will increase, so take advantage of this offer now before prices go up in 2017.

Here’s the deal of the year!

5 personal training sessions for $239.52 (full price $300 – Wow! That’s a free class!)

10 personal training sessions for $479.04 (full price $600 – Jeez, two free classes? Yes!)

15 personal training sessions for $718.56 (full price $900 – You get the picture, right?!)

20 personal training sessions $958.08 (full price $1200 – OMG, it keeps getting better!)

25 personal training sessions $1197.60 (full price $1500 – Holy cow, 5 free classes???)

Contact me to purchase one of these session bundles!


Giveaway Time!

Clearly I’ve been swept up by the magic of the holidays and am feeling extra generous, so it’s time for me to give out yet another big present! This one is for NEW CLIENTS ONLY.  So, if you’ve never had the chance to work with me before, comment below about what type of training you’re interested in and I will enter you in a drawing to receive one free hour of personal training in 2017. This could mean postpartum fitness, Pilates, CrossFit, barre fitness, reformer, or any other movement that brings you closer to your goals. I will choose a winner by random number generator on Monday, December 19, 2016. Good luck!

Happy holidays, everyone!


5 thoughts on “Biggest Giveaway of the Year!

  • Mary Holden

    Please enter me in the drawing for one free hour of personal training. Since I have retired, I have gained 10 pounds and have loss my motivation to work out consistently. I think this would be the recharge I need.

  • Emily Gray

    Ooh, I could use an hour of personal training! (Actually, I could use much more than one hour, but I should start somewhere, right?)

  • Julie Tucker

    I would love to do a cross fit boot camp type of class. I had a bad experience at another gym where individual ability was overlooked/ignored and I got hurt.

  • Delia

    I want to get back into exercising but have diastasis recti and don’t know how to properly exercise without further extending my stomach. I’d love to find out more about how to safely exercise! Thanks!

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