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New Totalbarre classes start soon!

First off, thank you for the many supportive emails, texts, and hugs after my last, very personal post. It is encouraging to know that my circle, my village, is farther reaching than I often think it is. You all made it wonderfully clear that whatever our struggle, we are in this together!   And speaking […]

Late Spring Totalbarre classes starting soon!

I am launching my late spring Totalbarre series! Here’s what clients are saying about my Totalbarre fitness classes:   “The routines are different every time I come which keeps my body guessing and I never get bored. I also love how knowledgable Britt is about the body and how it works and that she ensures proper alignment […]

New Totalbarre session starting soon

I am launching three new Totalbarre classes next month on Tuesdays at 6:15pm, Fridays at 4:45pm, and Saturdays at 8am.  Each class will be a 5 class series, running from March 14 to April 15, with no class on April 1.  Don’t wait to register!  A minimum of 8 participants are needed in each of these classes to have […]

Customized Nutrition & a Whole 30 Dinner

No too long ago the great folks over at Green Mountain CrossFit asked me to develop a nutrition program for their members. CrossFit gyms, more than other health clubs and studios I’ve been associated with, foster not only health through the hour of movement you do at the gym each visit, but also in the […]

Breakfast On-The-Go Made Easy

When it comes to getting everyone where they need to be in the morning, there’s no such thing as a leisurely, sit-down breakfast.  Still, I want everyone to be properly nourished when they arrive at school or work, so I’ve searched for ways to get protein, carbs, and healthy fats into one, take-it-with-you, quick meal. […]